Saturday, 24 August 2013

Day 2

Well, the fun part's over, now for the long slog. The last one was extinguished at 3.49 on Friday morning. I even ditched the lighter, filters and remaining papers in a tree and set the date and time on the "smoking cessation" app on my smartphone.

The fun part, of course being the initial shock of depriving your body of nicotine. I remember this experience from last time and was actually quite looking forward to it. Despite the frequent hunger and anxiety, there's a definite feeling of increased awareness and yoyo-ing emotions which I'm finding hard to describe here. An example could be that I had the TV and radio on whilst also hearing someone else's music from outside, yet could envisage each of the three streams of music as separate entities and was able to understand each one individually. Time also passes very very slowly, at least it did on the first day. If I nipped off to do an errand at work for maybe 10 or 15 minutes it felt like I'd been gone for an hour, thus feeling the need to explain where I'd been and what I'd been doing. Very peculiar.

I'm also trying to make as many changes to my normal routine as possible - so far it's going well. Coffee instead of Tea, got a book from the library, going for a jog or run whenever I can, even listening to different radio stations (but my musical tastes of late is another story altogether).

I'm hoping that the familiarity of the weekend's sporting fixtures does not try to induce a relapse to the old ways. Beer and smoke at kick off, smoke at half-time, beer and smoke at full time.

I might have to take up knitting or something..

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