Thursday, 13 June 2013

Days off / Living the Dream

That's what I usually think to myself on my three empty days each week when there are no commitments - time can either fly if I keep myself occupied, or just sit idly ticking away as I sit on the couch and contemplate, usually with a hot beverage and a cigarette not too far away from hand.

Occasionally I feel the tingle of excitement as I plan my day out in my head and sometimes there *are* things to be done! Bus into town to research my next games console investment, for example, or a visit to the bank or even a meet-up with some ex-colleagues for a Burrito. Most 'days off' however are just exactly that - between the hours of waking up and going to sleep, not a lot happens. It's all pretty simple stuff and that's what makes it so great: not having to give a flying hootenanny about who you see, what you do or how much money you make.

As like pretty much any human being on the planet, we go through phases of changing habits: develop new ones that stick with us, re-visit old habits (and they do say that they die hard), or have brief dabbles in passing fancies just to say "I've done that and it was great!" or "I've done that and I'm never EVER doing that again..!"
One of my latest crazes is the old favourite: the Full English Brekky. It's pretty pathetic that someone can get excited about the prospect of a meal, but at the moment there's no better start to the day than the sounds and smells of cooking animals and bread, followed by the inevitable trip to the bathroom with the weekend newspaper.
It's a very Sunday morning-esque thing to do, which is probably a bad thing seeing as my days off out-number the average days in a weekend. Still, somehow since between quitting the full-time desk job and starting the part-time manual labour job I've managed to almost become clinically underweight, it's probably a good idea to keep the fryups coming..

So seeing as there actually are 24 hours in a given day, and the average person is awake for about 16 of those, there are large spaces of time which need to be filled (or do they? Who says?). If I'm not munching on some derivative of cooked Pig I'll be either in front of the games console having a few rounds of golf on the PGA tour or driving like a dickhead on the streets of Colorado, or perhaps taking to the outside world with my running shoes for a couple of laps of Lake Monger, thinking important things through in my head like 'What delicacy shall I have tonight' or 'Let's go see that movie you were thinking about the other day' or even 'Hey, beer in the fridge is getting a bit low, why not top-up later'.

Most of the above activities are pretty much always accompanied by some form of Electronic music - from slow, soothing and melodic at the start to the day, breaking into a bit more bouncy and dance-able as the activities progress, back to the chillout stuff as the day ends and it's time to retire (which can be anywhere between 2 and 7 in the morning, probably just because I can).

There's a young lady who is in my twitter stream who uses hashtags for pretty much every single word she posts, but there is a phrase that she posts quite often that usually makes me smile and relate:

#happy #excited #woo

So yeah, sitting here typing away as the sun sets on another unproductive yet thoroughly enjoyable day and I look forward to what the evening has in store (pretty much more of the same), I can very much say yes, I am living the dream.

Are you?

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